Monday, June 19, 2017

Pallet play house

We started with 5 pallets and a platform.

(Create a platform with a pallet or two and plywood) 

Step 1:

Lay out pallets to plan where each will go.

Step 2: 

Put pallets in place and secure with 2" and 3" screws. 

Step 3: ROOF 

Measure distance between walls. Then secure pallets with screws and extra support boards. 

(We used triangular pieces in the corners and a 1' pieces of 2 x 4's on the inside and out) 

Step 4:

Have someone help you place the roof.

Secure to lower pallets. Keep in mind- kids will climb! 

(We added four pieces of 2x4's - two in front and two in the back)

Step 5:

Add decorative fence

(We attached to the platform with screws)

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