Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make it work!

Make a cold cement block wall fit with 
an ugly orange sofa and used blue carpet. 


Step 1: Purchase paint in the same color family of both items (Blue and Orange) and at least two neutral colors that flow with the space (Dark Brown and Khaki).

Step 2: Prep area to be painted by washing the wall with a damp rag. Dry completely before painting.

Step 3: Tape off areas not to be painted. 

Step 4: Paint coordinating colors in an asymmetrical pattern. 

 Step 5: Fill in remaining areas with neutral colors

Step 6: Allow Paint to dry some, yet while it is tacky pull the tape 
off the wall.

Step 7: Place accessories. 
Find Items that have similar color and pattern and place them in 
threes around the room.

(Example: Our square pattern is on the wall, pillow and table.)