Friday, November 6, 2015

How to create a magical play room

Step 1: Choose a theme: 

We chose Dr Suess 
You could use other books from him 
Dinosaurs, Jungle, Bible stories, Alice in wonderland, Bugs, Around the world, Pirate,
 Automobiles, Favorite character, Under the sea or so many MORE...

Step 2: Paint according to your theme 
(or you could use wall decals

Step 3: Create a Play house

You will Need:
 2- 4'x4' pieces of plywood
Jigsaw and sandpaper
Primer and Paint
L-brackets and screws

  Draw on your design. 

Cut out your design with a jigsaw.

Sand rough edges.
Prime and paint.
Secure with L-brackets. 

Step 4: Make a stage

You'll need:
A large wood coffee table.
Foam or batting
Staple gun and staples

First, cut down the legs of the table to desired height.

Then, staple the foam or batting around the edge and corners of the table.

Now, Cut the fabric.
(Cut to the length of three sides of the stage x1.5
and the width to the height of the table plus 5 inches)
and hem one edge of the fabric length wise.

Attach fabric - start with the top (un-hemmed edge)
Staple it right side down while bunching it slightly.
Do this all the way around...

Then flip the fabric over to show the correct side.

Then staple all the way around the bottom edge (directly under the foam).

We added a mirror behind the stage for more fun!

Step 5: Place kid sized furniture and coordinating decor around the room.

Note: I was not able to stage the room before taking these pictures... Sorry about the mess - it is a play room ;)

** You can also add some fun wall activities 
See past blog post for HOW TOO