Friday, March 23, 2012

Accent Wall (make a huge impression)

Guidelines for painting accent walls

  • Accent walls can be solid without doors or windows. They can also be an accent color around beautiful french doors or a window with a spectacular view. 
  • Ask yourself what the natural focal point in the room is. Do you have a fireplace you could make more dramatic by painting the wall in a different color? Other naturals include the wall behind the headboard or an important piece of furniture, the wall holding dramatic art, a niche or other interesting architectural wall features that you want to highlight.
  • If you do not have a natural focal point you can create one. Look around the room where does your eye go first? If you paint behind a Painting or a sculpture that item will stand out and get more attention.
  • In oblong rooms the best way to accentuate is the farthest short wall. 
  • If you are accentuating a wall with pattern, continue the pattern around the room in threes. If the wall has stripes, then place a pillow and a rug with similar stripes in different places in the room.
  • Whatever wall you chose as your accent, make sure there is no other competition from other walls. If any of the other walls already have a focal point, adding an accent wall next to it may create confusion and overwhelm.

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