Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Old Frame Made New

You'll Need:
Old wood frame
Acrylic paint
Paint brush

Step 1: Sand the frame.  Just enough to take the shine off the wood. 
(I skipped this step since mine was so rough to begin with.)

Be sure to wipe the dust off!

               Step 2:   Place paper or                                           tape around edges.                                This will save you time scraping paint off the mirror later. 

Step 3: Paint.
     (Put your kids to work.)

Step 4: Remove paper/tape and scrape paint off of the mirror.

Let dry and Enjoy!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Curb Appeal - Mail Box

What you’ll need:
Old mailbox
Spray paint: $3.00
Acrylic paint: $1.00
Contact paper: $5.00

Project Total: $9.00

Step 1: Disassemble mailbox

Step 2: Wash and Spray paint mailbox. (paint medallion with acrylic paint)

You can add a wooden medallion with glue if you do
not already have one.


Step 3: Cut out 
and apply contact paper

Step 4: Reassemble 

Curb appeal - House numbers

What you’ll need:
2 Acrylic paint colors: $2.00
Wooden plaque: $3.00
Wooden numbers: $2.00 ea

   Project Total  $11.00


Paint numbers and plaque. 
Then glue into place.

(Attach twine if desired )


Curb appeal - Door Decor

You will need:
Large wooden letter: $5.00
Paint: $1.00
Paint brush
Ribbon: $3.00
Flower: $2.00


Total:   $6.00

Step 1: Paint your letter.

Step 2: Rap with ribbon and glue the flower on.
IMG_9257.JPG        IMG_9263.JPG

I added mine to a wreath, but it could just stand alone :)

Curb Appeal - Planters

You’ll Need:
2 Garbage cans $7.00
2 hanging plants $20.00

Project Total: $27.00

Step 1: Start with garbage cans
(drill holes in bottom for drainage)

 Step 2: Add Dirt (¾ full) 

Step 3: Add plants

Step 4: Add Sticks
(pack in extra dirt to hold sticks in place)


Curb appeal - Front Door


You will need:
Old door (restore $16.00)
Latex paint: $6.00 (mistint)
Spray paint: $4.00
Paint roller: $10.00
Paint brush: $3.00
Total: $23 - $39

Step 1: 
Wash door and remove hardware 

Step 2: Paint door
Roll Latex or oil based paint over surface and use a brush for details.

(use oil based you do not have a storm door)

Step 3: Spray paint hardware
(I left the dead bold on and taped around it with plastic.)

Step 4: Attach hardware