Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Just about everything I do around my house is 
done with scrap material! 

I did not spend a penny on this project! The pillows are  outdated 5 years from my living room and he headboard is an old door covered in leftover padding and fabric from a previous project. 

                   The frames were once used for other decor

The ribbon is leftover from hair bows I made for my girls.

And the buttons are from a collection my 
great-grandma gave me! 

Before you buy something new look at the old. 

A few examples : 
               -Purchase "oops" paint 
                (returned paint that you can find at any paint store).  
               -Try painting or refinishing something to give it a new look. 
              - Re-purpose a item. That could be just moving an end table from 
                 your living room to the bedroom or this could mean turning 
                 a door into a headboard. 

Recycling can be fun! Give it a try!