Thursday, February 25, 2016

Easy Cabinet Restoration

Step 1: 
Clean all surfaces and corners.
Use boiling water and vinegar to break down grease. Then scrape and scrub until all grime is gone.

Step 2: 
Remove doors, drawers and hardware. Cover everything with plastic to protect against dust. 
Step 3:
Sand cabinet doors drawers and base using 120-180 grit sandpaper.
You will want to sand until the "shine" is gone. 

Step 4: 
Paint or replace hardware

Step 5:
Prime and paint cabinets. 
Use a brush for insets and a roller for flat surfaces.  
**Priming is very important to help the paint cover and adhere to the wood.
Step 6: 
Attach cabinet doors and add hardware. 

Cabinet touch up: 

Repairs made:

Replaced shallow sink

Replaced stained counter top

Ripped out ugly tile

Updated an old faucet

Washed and touched up faded/dirty cabinets

Added handles

Step 1:

Replace counter top, sink and faucet.

We also ripped out ugly tile and painted a whimsical design.

Step 2:
Wash all surfaces.

Step 3: 
Paint new coat of paint over faded and damaged areas.

Tip: use small nap roller. I am using one that is a bit too  Tip: Use a thin nap roller. This one is too thick.

Step 4:
Measure for hardware. 
Drawers: Mark the center by measuring half way across the drawer- vertically and horizontally  .
Doors: Place one handle where you want it. Then measure the center of that knob vertically and horizontally and place markings for the rest of the knobs at those according to those measurements. 
Step 5: 
Drill holes at marked measurements.
** remember: Measure twice drill once!

Step 6:
Attach knobs!