Friday, October 21, 2016

Crib skirt

Crib Skirt

Step 1: 
Cut out your pieces

For your ruffles:
6 pieces 6" x twice the width of your mattress. 
3 pieces 6" twice the length of your mattress.

Hidden pieces:
One piece a few inches smaller than your crib mattress. (yellow)
2 pieces 5.5" x the width of your mattress. (green)
4 pieces 5.5" x the width of your mattresses. (green)

Step 2:
Make ruffles
Take your 6" pieces and serge one edge. 
(If you do not have a serger make them 7" and hem them)

Make your straight stitch as long as your machine will allow

Sew a straight stitch all the way across the top of your piece. stop sewing before you reach the end. pull the thread out long and cut with scissors

Pull out bottom thread until you get a ruffle the length or width of your crib.

Do this for all your 6" pieces

Then hem the ends.

Step 3:
Connect the ruffles to make a skirt:
Take your 5.5" pieces and attach them to the back of your top two ruffles.

Now stack your ruffles in order and connect to the top on the backing (green) pieces.

Step 4:
Once you have all your layers together attach them to your rectangular (yellow) piece and you're finished!

Crib sheet

Crib Sheet

Step 1:
Cut a piece of fabric the length and width of your crib mattress + thickness + 4"

If your mattress is 27”wide, 51” long and 6 inches thick.

Then you would have 27+6+4=   37" wide
51+6+4 =   61" long

Then cut out the corners like below:

Step 2:
Fold wrong side out, line up corners and sew along straight edge.

Step 3: 
Fold edge over and sew hem / pocket for elastic.

Step 4: 
Insert elastic into pocket all the way around and connect.


Crib Rail Guard

 You will need:

- A piece of fabric the length of your crib rail and twice 

the width of around the top rail +2 inches (for scallops)

*If you are doing a straight edge than do not add the 2"


-Contrasting fabric ( for the bows) 

Step 1: 
Scallop your edges.
  Start by folding your fabric lengthwise.
I wanted 5 scallops - So I took the length of my fabric divided by 5. I then took that measurement (7.5") and cut a scallop out of paper that was 7.5"x2" and used it to mark along my fabric edge. then cut on marked edge

Step 2:
 Attach edging.
* you can also add quilting in between fabric for cushion.
I simply attached a ruffle edged Bias tape.
Tip: I cheat - just place the fabric between edges of the bias tape and sew once :) 

 Hem your edges

Step 3:
The bows
A. Cut 6 strips (one at each v) 
B. Fold in half (wrong side out)
C. Sew and flip right side out.
D. Hem.





Step 4:
Make holes for and attach bows:
A. Make 2 button holes at each V in your curves. 
B. Then fold your fabric in half and put a mark through the 
holes onto the back side of the fabric. 
C. Now attach your bow to the back piece at each mark.




Add to crib and tie bows! :)