Saturday, April 25, 2015

Outdoor play area

Step 1: Dig out access dirt a few inches below ground level.
(You can put edging in now or wait for step 4)

I dug about 6-8" down.

Step 2: Rake flat - make sure ground is even.

Step 3: Lay plastic 
(slice small holes - You don't want to end up with a swimming pool!)

Step 4: Install edging 
(If you're smart you'll do it here)

Step 5: Dump pea stone, wood chips or rubber chips and rake even.



Swing set under $100


2- 4x4x12' pretreated wood beams cut in half so - 4 4x4x6' beams
(I made a toddler swing set - for regular size use 4x4x8' beams)
1- 4x4x8' pretreated wood beam
1- 2x4x8' pretreated wood beam
Swing Hardware 
40 - 2" wood screws 
4 - 3" wood screws

Step 1: Attach braces to 6' beams

Lay out 6' beams and aline the brace at the top...

Screw into place...

Flip over and do the same to the other side.

Step 2: Create side supports

Measure 2x4x8' beam for side supports...

Cut beams to the same size.

Step 3: Attach upper beam.

If working alone, flip a-frame over and attach upper beam upside-down.

Step 4: Attach swings

I found it easier to attach swings before standing it up.
(this is for shorties)

Step 5: Attach side beam
(use a level if you want it straight - I clearly don't care :)

Use 3" screws to attach on either end.

And Done.

I will be painting it too... picture to come!

Side note: you will want to add 2 of these braces for extra strength... I will be doing this soon!