Monday, March 16, 2015

$10 wall activities

Felt board

You'll need: 
Frame, fleece or felt fabric to cover the face of your frame

Step 1: Cut fabric 1 inch larger than your frame.

Step 2: Tuck fabric into frame 
(You can use a picture frame and just leave the glass out)

Step 3: Adhere to wall with Velcro.

I added a tray for storage!

Magnet Board

You'll need:
Sheet of metal, contact paper and Industrial strength Velcro.

Step 1: Cover sharp edges of metal with contact paper.
(Gluing ribbon or fabric around edges would work too. You could 
also place the metal sheet inside of a picture frame -without the glass)

It works best if you place the strip of contact paper over front edge of your metal sheet. 
Then cut a square out of the corner of the contact paper and fold the edges over.


Step 3: Secure to the wall with Velcro.